"MANTRA" the latest release from Janice B.  featuring lyrical & hypnotic grooves with healing chants and mantras to lift the vibration of the listener! 

"DEEPER" by Janice B.  
(Stinkiface Music) Release Date 10/13/2015  
Janice B's 3rd CD release and intense look at love as music, self hatred, self affirmation, loss, freedom, revenge, power, and sensuality through song.
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"Freedom" by Janice B. featuring Mosno Al-Moseeki, QueenEarth, & Maurice Carroll
(Stinkiface Music) Release date 01/01/2015 
Created by Janice B. to bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.  All net proceeds from the download sales of "Freedom" will be donated to Safe House of Hope Baltimore to help victims of human trafficking.  
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"Watch Me Fly The Remixes"
(Global Diplomacy) Release date 12/22/2014
A remix package from N'Dinga Gaba's newly launched label Global Diplomacy Productions. Originally released as the track from the 2009 Watch Me Fly EP and song from Janice's 2011 full length album "My Life".  Includes remixes from N'Dinga Gaba & D-Malice, South Africa's AudioArque and Deep Sentiments, and an abstract new mix from the song's original producer Maurice Carroll of Stinkiface Music.  
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"Let You Go" by Janice B. featuring David Ross
(Stinkiface Music) Release date January 7, 2014
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