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Deeper: Autographed CD
  • Deeper: Autographed CD

Deeper: Autographed CD

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Physical Copy of Janice B.'s 3rd CD release "Deeper" is an intense look at love as music, self hatred, self affirmation, loss, freedom, revenge, power, and sensuality through song. DEEPER Janice B. All songs written by Janice Buerkli & Maurice Carroll Lyrics & Arrangement: Janice Buerkli Musical Arrangement & Production: Maurice Carroll Recorded & Mixed at Stinkiface Studios, Baltimore, MD Copyright 2015 Janice B. & Stinkiface Music

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Queen B. EP
  • Queen B. EP
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The first EP from the duo Queen B. (QueenEarth + Janice B.) with guest appearances by David Ross & Mosno Al-Moseeki!
Songs include the original "Again", Queen B. verions of "Love Will Find You"and What If", the QueenEarth and Janice B. favorites "Wallflower" and "Watch Me Fly" . Even a studio outtake track!

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Janice B. (featuring Mosno Al-Moseeki/ QueenEarth/Maurice Carroll)

"Freedom" by Janice B. was created to bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. The song's story line touches on several forms of modern day slavery including sex trafficking, forced labor without pay, as well as exploitation and violence against women and children.

Net proceeds from the download sales of "Freedom" will be donated to Safe House of Hope in Baltimore, a volunteer-run and -led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing education, training, and support to help victims of human trafficking become an active part of a healthy community.
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  1. Freedom

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