Please review these rules before purchasing a Reiki Rocks item: 


*Damages: Reiki Rocks pendants, rings, and keychains are wrapped in a delicate wire.  They should be handled with care.  However if your wire breaks within 30 days of purchase I will provide one free re-wrap.  After 30 days I charge $10.00 per re-wrap not including shipping. Broken cords: The black wax cords you receive with your purchase are included as a courtesy and not meant to last forever.  If your cord breaks within 30 days of purchase I will send you another one (not including cost of shipping).  You can purchase these cords at craft and jewelry stores as well.    


*Custom grid orders: Contact Janice B. to discuss the type of grid you want and to receive a quote.  All custom grid orders require a deposit up front.  Please see the Reiki Rocks page for deposit amounts and links to pay.   Once the deposit has been made the process of making your grid begins. You will be emailed a picture of the grid for your approval before the crystals are permanently affixed.  Once your approval and the remaining balance is received the grid will be completed.


*Shipping: Reiki Rocks pendants, keychains, and rings will be shipped to any address in the US.  Grids can be shipped to you as well however because they are delicate they require special packaging which sometimes can be costly.  If you are local to the DMV & Maryland area you can arrange to pick up the grid however pick up times and locations depend on my availability and schedule. 


*Return Policy: Because of the energetic exchange involved with crystals, all sales of Reiki Rocks items are final.